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Early Intervention

Birth to 3 years of age:


Early intervention services help infants and todders with developmental delays or disabilities within the first 3 years of life such as:  

  • Communication (talking, listening)

  • Cognitive (learning, thinking)

  • Physical (rolling, walking, crawling)

  • Social/Emotional (playing, feeling secure and happy)

  • Self-help (eating, dressing)


Children can receive early intervention services from birth up to their 3rd birthday and are often provided services in their natural environments such as their homes. A child who is eligible for speech therapy services must demonstrate a 25% delay in one or more areas in order to receive early intervention services. To determine eligibility, the child will be evaluated to see if in fact the child does have a delay in development or a disability.  If you have concerns regarding you child's development, please contact your local early intervention office (North Star Support Services-Blair County).




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