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Speech and Language Milestones


0-5 months: cries, coos, laughs, and vocalizes sounds of pleasure and displeasure


6-11 months: babbling begins, imitation of some sounds you make, uses gestures to communicate  


12-17 months: first words start developing, follows simple directions with gestures, seek attention 


18-23 months: requests objects using gestures and/or words, starts to put 2 words together


2-3 years: producing about 50 words and will use 2-3 words to talk about and ask for things, speech is understood by familiar listeners


4-5 years: answers "What", "Where", "Who" questions, uses 3-4 word sentences, speech should be understood 100% of the time


5-6 years: uses pronouns consistently, names some letters of the alphabet, participates in conversation, responds, comments, and questions






Speech and Language Red Flags


Here are some red flags to look out for if you have concerns regarding your child's speech and language skills:


Birth-1 year:                                                                 1-2 years:                                                       2-3 years:

Your child is not:                                                          Your child is not:                                          Your child is not:

-responding to noises or voices                                  -using single words/short phrases            -understanding what others are       -enjoying interacting with others                              -following simple directions                        saying to them

-engaging in turn-taking activities                            -answering simple questions                     -able to have a simple conversation

-babbling or making vocal sounds                             -interested in playing with toys                 -imitating social behaviors during

-demonstrating joint attention                                  -interested in playing with other                play                           

-understanding some familiar words                        children                                                        -using at least 50 different words

-responding to their name                                          -interested in pretend play                             



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